Healthier Hair; Healthier Environment with Shampoo Bars

Healthier Hair; Healthier Environment with Shampoo Bars

There is no doubt the shampoo bar has grown in popularity in recent years. Once thought to be just a no-waste product, these small but powerful bars have turned out to be a healthy choice for your hair too! Many have traded in their bulky plastic bottles for the little bars thereby reducing the plastic impact on the environment as well as cleaning up the clutter in the shower.

All we've ever asked of our bottled shampoos of the past was to clean well and leave our hair healthy, soft and smelling good. Have they really done all those things? Yours truly would argue, no, they haven’t.  Enter the shampoo and conditioner bars of today.

Using a bar shampoo and conditioner will set you on the right path for a healthy routine. Most are made with natural and wholesome ingredients and lather up to produce a healthy clean head of hair.


The popularity of most shampoo bars of today is attributed to their natural formulas and no waste properties. Our skin is the largest organ on our body, and often we forget that our scalp is part of that organ. It can just as easily absorb the toxins and chemicals used in some bottled shampoos. We must take care of our skin from head to toe.


Additionally, you’ll eliminate any worry of leakage when travelling. No extra bulk, or weight or a big mess all over your favorite travelling clothes when you arrive at your destination.


Our shampoo and conditioner bars respect our scalp. In addition to being natural, cruelty free and zero waste, they will leave your hair healthy, soft and smelling good.

Why we love GREEN ORCHID shampoo and conditioner bars.

  • They are made with natural ingredients so your scalp will be absorbing goodness.
  • They are compact and make travelling easier.
  • Zero waste; no plastic bottles taking up precious room in the shower, or in the ocean.
  • They last up to 75+ washes.
  • Great for all types of hair – including color-treated.
  • Your hair will smell amazing!
  • Your friends will start to notice that your hair has a healthy shine, and they will be jealous and wonder what you’ve been up to. 
  • Your scalp will feel good again!



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