Finding Peace Amongst the Chaos

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So lucky to call Western North Carolina home.

You would think that starting a new business would be the very opposite of peaceful - and you would be correct. The months of research, the administrative minutia, getting packaging just right - to say nothing of getting the products themselves just right! - makes for many late nights (many of them sleepless) to make sure we are ready to present our new creation - Green Orchid Soap Co. Does it help that I'm a perfectionist? No. No, it doesn't.

It's been a two year process creating this humble little company with the first year simply conceptualizing in my mind but taking little action because I was frozen by irrational fears. The second year, finally sick and tired of getting in my own way, I jumped into the abyss and found that I could fly! This is happening and it's happening with positive results! I've quickly picked up a small following and I'm so humbled by their loyalty. 

As the ideas of that first year come to fruition, I'm finding some peace amongst the chaos and I'm very proud of what we've accomplished thus far. The support from my family and friends and the encouragement of some pretty harsh critics has been so invaluable. Special props to my hubby, Steve, for being a willing participant during the testing on humans part of my research and development. As a result of his patience, his skin has never looked so good and he smells delicious.

Lets face it - life gets uncomfortable sometimes but if you remember to take care of you (inside and out) and face the bad days straight in the eyes, better days begin to emerge and you will enjoy such beautiful results. 

It's our goal at Green Orchid Soap Co. to be that friendly reminder for you to take care of you in good times and the less than good times. I've created a simple company and we would love nothing more than to be part of your comfort when you're down; to celebrate with you when you're riding high; and to simply be with you at all points in between.

Remember, we are all constantly evolving.

Take care of you and be your own version of perfect beauty.




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