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Happy 2020! Welcome to a fresh new year full of possibilities. 

At Green Orchid Soap Co., we’ve hit the ground running! It’s going to be a great year!

This year instead of resolutions, we have a few focus words which, in our opinion, are far easier and more realistic to live by. We will use these words to both empower our growth and embrace the goodness coming our way.

Simplicity – We will continue to source simple, elegant ingredients for all Green Orchid products. We use classics which have stood the test of time and are sourced right here in the USA. Our all-natural bar soap includes olive oil, sunflower oil and organic Shea Butter; ingredients you can pronounce and are easily recognized.

Our soy candles are made from 100% soy – not a blend – and we hand-poured each one in-house. They are simply better for you and your environment.

Dignity – As we always have, we will give you the dignity of truth. Will our face products work miracles and make you looks 30 years younger and open the doors of fame and fortune? We think that’s a lot to expect from a little jar.

However, our lovely, Face Trio will give you peace of mind that you are applying ingredients to your face that have been vetted and will help you have the nerve to preserve your beautiful self. You’ll start feeling good about the glowing face looking back in the mirror.

You may even feel good enough to skip the foundation bottle a few days a week. Who knows? You may even start to feel bold enough to begin growing out your silver strands of courage you’ve been hiding for so long.

When you’re feeling good, you are famous among your friends and family. Make them wonder what’s happening. When you’re feeling confident, you can better go after those opportunities that may very well bring you fortune.

What’s the common denominator? You. Not a jar.

Clarity – We all come to a place, young and old, wherein we have the need to figure out who we are. Whether you’re walking away from something old or walking toward a new life phase, both directions take a tremendous amounts of courage and the path needs to be clear. Figure out what you want your message to the world to be.

In an effort to be present in your life, take a few moments for yourself every day to meditate  When you’re busy, your shower time is probably the only few minutes you get to focus just on you.

Take advantage of every second. Let the hot steam envelope you while breathing in the beautiful fragrances of our Hand, Body & Soul Wash.

Breathe in. Breath out. Repeat.

Remember: The dignity of simplicity (and truth) makes everything very clear. 😊


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