The philosophy behind Green Orchid Soap Co. is "simple well-being". We are a Generation X company and although we may not remember what we had for lunch yesterday, we do know what products you used 30 years ago. We know this because we used them too.

We were cooking for hours in the sun right along side you with baby oil slathered hither and yon. We too had big '80's hair and breathed in enough Aqua Net in our youth to choke a proverbial horse.

We couldn't get enough of the chemical-filled lotions and potions sold at the mall bath and body shops. We blindly trusted the makers and never questioned what was in the things we used or where they came from. 

And now, here we are. Smarter and more educated than we were. We have learned to trust Mother Nature and what she has to offer. We use real ingredients like olive oil, Shea Butter, and sunflower oil. Ingredients that have been around far longer that we've been. There is a reason they have stood the test of time -they work.

From our Vegan and Goat Milk Bar Soaps to our Skin-Deep Lotion, our team keeps everything healthy and natural so, all you need to do is choose your favorite scent. It really couldn't be any more simple than that. 

This is our time to embrace healthy all natural soaps and lotions as a necessary step to self-preservation. What we put on our outside, indeed, affects our inside-more than we had ever imagined. So, step away from the detergents and the chemicals and leap toward the wholesome goodness of real all natural ingredients that you deserve.

Transform your your life to look for quality instead of quantity. With superior ingredients and luscious textures you will find comfort in your own skin. It's our greatest hope you will find your place with us on this incredible journey and join the Green Orchid Soap Co. tribe.

Renew yourself; hand, body & soul.