The philosophy behind Green Orchid Soap Co. is to help you find and keep confidence in your well-being. To enable you to find and encourage beauty from the inside out. Sometimes, that starts from the outside in.

From our bar soaps to our body butters and lotions, our team keeps everything simple, healthy and natural so, all you need to do is choose your favorite scent.

Self-care goes beyond the concept of "pampering". Self-care consists of daily decisions and actions to preserve what we have and truly take care of who we are. Why not harness the power of science and the gentility of nature in all its artful forms to help with that? 

Transform your yourself with quality ingredients and luscious textures so you will be comfortable in your own skin.  

It's our greatest hope you will find your place with us on this incredible journey and join the Green Orchid Soap Co. tribe. Renew yourself; mind, body & soul. 


About our founder:

The mountains of Western North Carolina is the place where Babs came to find peace - where she came to put the busyness of life behind her and wrap herself in the inspiration and simplicity of the beautiful Appalachian Mountains.

As a native Floridian flat lander, the move to the mountains was life-changing to be sure but, one she embraced like a comfortable, warm sweater on a chilly morning.

In the majesty of the marvelous landscape, she found an inner peace like no other, making it easier to meditate on exactly what she wanted to do and where she wanted her life to go.

One of the most important life tidbits she learned was from her husband, Steve, who grows the most stunning orchids. She learned even in the most unlikely places; an orchid will grow. From the dry Arizona deserts to the cold corners of Alaska, you will find these beautiful, resilient flowers which have adapted and thrived even under the harshest of conditions - perhaps we can all somehow relate.

This was her time to thrive and, thusly, at the age of 50, she found the courage to begin a business she had always wanted to start, and Green Orchid Soap Co. was created.

Babs invites you to join the Green Orchid Soap Co. tribe, see the goodness for yourself and thrive.